Randy Webster

Randy Webster has been a familiar face at Zephyr Manufacturing in Sedalia since October when he was hired full-time. He can usually be found packaging brooms or mop heads at the long-standing Pettis County Plant then packaging them up for delivery to local retailers.

Randy had worked a variety of jobs before finding a home at Zephyr and working full time has helped to change his life. “I have a bunch of friends and more money, so I don’t have to depend on other people.” Living a life with disabilities had produced few opportunities for Randy to make his own way in life. Today, Randy works full time and has health and life insurance, vacation pay and a retirement plan.

Randy works with the aid of a Job Coach who provides support and prompts when needed to help him be successful. CHS job coach Clara Lane stated, “I think being able to provide a job coach is awesome. It gives people the opportunity to provide for themselves and not feel like society has to provide for them.” The need for a job coach is determined during job development for CHS clients. Coaches are available if needed and can assist in both short term and long-term capacities. Randy stated that he enjoys working with his job coaches who, “help me stay on track.”

When asked about his experience in working with CHS Zephyr Manufacturing said, “We had some reservations coming in and the typical concerns about safety, workplace environment etc… and not a single one of those concerns has come to fruition. There have been zero problems. It’s given us a whole different respect for individuals with disabilities.”