A line of people forming a partnership by shaking hands

Community Partners

Community partners provide valuable support and enrichment to the Center for Human Services family. Our local partners play a huge role in our ability to serve nearly 10,000 individuals across the state of Missouri. We lean on our community partners for support in the form of in-kind donations, sponsorships, event hosting, and more.

Community Partnership Opportunities

Community partners can assist us in a number of ways. Our local partners help us find employment for individuals with disabilities, provide volunteer opportunities for our community support services, and support event planning and execution. We are happy to scale partnerships to any size and level, such as an individual or small business or on behalf of a larger organization.

Become a Community Partner

Community partners increase our outreach and our ability to deliver help where it is needed most. Becoming a partner starts with the small step of reaching out to a CHS team member and results in a giant leap as we enrich the lives of those around us. Contact us today to find out how enjoyable and rewarding a partnership can be.