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Planned Giving, Bequests & Memorials

Leave a Legacy with Center for Human Services

Creating and leaving a legacy may be the most rewarding of all types of charity. Your generosity will be felt and enjoyed by those most in need far into the future. Center for Human Services will serve as good stewards of your gift and employ the resources to individuals in your community.

Planned Giving

Planned giving ensures that your ability to help others can continue for years to come. Planned giving, also known as gift planning or legacy giving, will allow others to benefit from your generosity and foresight.


Bequests are set up in your will or living trust. This is a transfer of personal property whose proceeds will support our effort to assist those in your community, one life at a time.


Memorials are most commonly used to celebrate the life of a colleague, friend, or loved one. The person you have chosen will then be remembered for the kind gift of helping others live a Life Beyond Limitations.

If you are ready to start planning your legacy, please contact us to get started.