Senior ladies enjoying water walking

Water Walking Classes & Exercise Services

Water walking may be the perfect way to include exercise in your life. The natural buoyancy of water reduces the strain of walking on land. It can also build muscle tone and endurance, and at the same time reduce stress. These classes are available to anyone in the community and are a great starting point for those looking to start adding exercise to their routines.

Water Walking Classes & Exercise Services

While we offer specific times for our water walkers to meet, this class is really about you. You can walk a little or a lot, depending on your physical goals and underlying health. We believe that water walking is a great way to start and keep moving.

Class Schedule

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00 am, 9:00 am, 1:00 pm

Additional Information on Our Facility

All of our aquatics and water activities are held in the CHS Jack Bluhm Memorial Aquatic Center located in the Roger Garlich Activity Center in Sedalia, Missouri. The pool is heated and clean and includes a pool lift for easy entry and exit. The pool is 4.5 feet deep and surrounded by a safety railing.