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Individualized Employment Support for Adults with Disabilities

Our team specializes in connecting employable individuals with opportunities. We support a range of individuals on the career ladder, from those just getting started in the workforce to those looking to make a career change. We have a variety of services and resources at our disposal to match talented individuals with employers in the community.

If you are seeking information about our program that helps high school students build work experience prior to graduation, please visit our Summer Work Experience page.

Are you an employer looking to hire an individual with disabilities? Visit our Employer Support page to learn more about how we can match your job openings with talented people.

Employment Support Services for Adults

Career Counseling for Individuals with Disabilities

Employee Support & Job Coach for Disabled Adults

These services are used once employment is secured. They can occur on-site or remotely, based on the needs of the individual and the needs of the employer. Support and coaching are provided by our team at any point during employment such as additional job training, navigating employer discussion, or seeking advice about promotions. Our coaches act as confidants, cheerleaders, and advocates, giving our clients the best chance to fulfill their potential.

Disability Benefit Management & Planning

This service provides clarity and confirmation about the impact of employment on current or future benefits. Our team identifies employment options that allow individuals to claim the benefits they are entitled to receive. Some examples of this service include:

  • Assistance with exploring and applying for benefits you may be eligible to receive
  • Providing education and assistance with reporting any life changes and wages to the Social Security Administration, as needed
  • Help with financial planning

Job Placement & Help Finding Jobs for People with Disabilities

Job searching is a job in and of itself and we want to help make that process easier. We act as a go-between for our network of employers and potential employees. We assist individuals through the job search process by editing resumes and giving interview tips, and we even provide on-site assistance as needed.

We offer a variety of services that highlight individual skills and contributions. We help clients prepare for a job and then continue that support after they land the job. Our team is there to support and celebrate every step of the way on the path to part-time or full-time employment.

Career Counseling helps individuals find the perfect job or career field for them. One where their skill sets are sought after and appreciated. Finding work can be a big challenge but our resources and experience can make this journey a lot easier. We can couple interests and goals and match them to career opportunities in the area.