Center for Human Services Board of Directors

Center for Human Services relies on various operating boards made up of members of the community who invest their time and energy by offering professional leadership. Each board performs independently creating a close and cooperative partnership. The board of directors ensures quality and consistency in providing the highest quality of care for individuals with disabilities.

Board of Directors

  • Aric Snyder, Jr., President
  • James P. Buckley, Vice President
  • Kelsey Weymuth, Treasurer
  • Cara Barth-Fagan, Secretary
  • Cliff Callis (Past President)
  • Mike Moser
  • Roger Alewel
  • Joyce Taylor
  • Gary McMullin
  • Chris Pyle
  • Michael Jackson
  • Chris Squires
  • Michael Smith
  • Ben Embree
  • Jessica Craig
  • Andrew Treuner
  • Amber Bridges
  • Anna Lisa Limas
  • Viola “Oola” Staten
  • Marilyn Romine
  • Marie Murphee