A clinical behavioral services therapist with a patient

Clinical Behavioral Services

Clinical Behavioral Services works with people that are experiencing behavioral challenges, specifically those diagnosed with autism, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our staff teaches skills, positive behaviors, and effective forms of communication using plans that are personalized for the individual.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy

Our Clinical Behavioral Services department offers Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which consists of two main therapy options:

Direct Therapy

The implementation of personalized treatment plans tailored towards individual goals or needs.

Caregiver Therapy

Coaching and education for an individual’s family, friends, caregivers, etc. This helps them better understand the diagnosis and/or the treatment plans.

Additional Information for Clinical Behavioral Services

ABA sessions are typically conducted in the learner’s environment or in the environment where they struggle. The caregivers then focus on the item(s) in which the individual shows interest and use those items to teach new skills. The duration of these services is not meant to be long term, but rather provide caregivers the tools they need to teach the individual in an alternative method going forward.