A young girl and her instructor swimming during a water therapy session

Water & Aquatic Therapy in Sedalia, MO

Water is a powerful element. Our aquatics team helps individuals harness that power to their advantage. Aquatic Therapy is a tool that allows individuals to feel fully supported and soothed. It also promotes mental and physical stimulation that is difficult for individuals with disabilities to achieve on land.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits, it is also known to increase concentration. These sessions highlight sensory awareness and can increase motor skills and coordination. Overall health can also be elevated by the willingness to exercise in such a stress-free and calming environment.

Water Therapy Services

These services are designed for children and adults with disabilities. These are one-to-one sessions that maximize time spent with a CHS instructor free from other distractions. We want all therapy participants to feel confident when they enter the pool, which is why our staff uses a safe, gentle, and supportive approach.

Aquatic Therapy for Autism

Aquatic Therapy is a proven method of improving the lives of those with autism. It provides a social setting that can accelerate learning, physical development, and speech. Not only does it strengthen the body, but it can also strengthen the mind and these benefits can extend to time spent outside of the pool.

Additional Information on Our Facility

All of our aquatics and water activities are held in the CHS Jack Bluhm Memorial Aquatic Center located in the Roger Garlich Activity Center in Sedalia, Missouri. The pool is heated and clean and includes a pool lift for easy entry and exit. The pool is 4.5 feet deep and surrounded by a safety railing.