Center for Human Services Aquatics facility walls including a mural of an orca whale

Aquatics and Water Activities in Sedalia, MO

Aquatics offers a safe and low-impact way to realize the benefits of exercise. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints and the effects of gravity, making it the perfect way to increase stamina and flexibility. Our instructors offer one-to-one training and tailor programs to fit your ability and schedule. Knowing how to swim is not a requirement to sign up and realize the benefits and enjoyment that only a heated pool can bring.

Aquatic Services

We strive to accomplish in the water what can’t be achieved on dry land. Aquatics allows for greater freedom of movement, increased circulation, and an overall soothing effect on the body. You may participate in a class, or if you prefer, you can schedule one-to-one sessions with one of our professional instructors.

Water Therapy

This therapy option is designed for children and adults with disabilities. These are one-to-one sessions that maximize the time spent with the instructor free from other distractions. These sessions are meant to increase attention span, concentration, and processing skills, and may improve speech and cognitive function. An added benefit may include the life-saving skill of learning how to swim.

Water Aerobics

Not only does water provide buoyancy, but it also provides resistance. This class is for those who want a cardio workout without adding stress to their joints and muscles. The diverse group of exercises in this class is a full-body workout and will leave you invigorated and refreshed. These classed are open to the general public.

Water Walking

A great option and a popular class choice for those with arthritis or other conditions that prevent a vigorous workout. Unlike the structure of other classes, water walking is completed at your own pace. Some prefer to walk a little, while some walk further, the pace and tempo of water walking are up to you. These classes are open to the general public.

Additional Information on Our Facility

All of our aquatics and water activities are held in the CHS Jack Bluhm Memorial Aquatic Center located in the Roger Garlich Activity Center in Sedalia, Missouri. The pool is heated and clean and includes a pool lift for easy entry and exit. The pool is 4.5 feet deep and surrounded by a safety railing.