A senior lady on the bus smiling.

Residential Services for People with Disabilities

Living a Life Beyond Limitations starts at home. Residential Services provides housing options customized to your needs that include support, care, and skills training. These services are designed for people with disabilities, allowing them to live in their community in a way that values their choices, encourages independence, and promotes inclusion.

Residential Services Solutions

Residential Services offers living solutions in the form of Individualized Supported Living (ISL), Host Homes, and Supported Co-Housing and Group Homes. In all settings, our staff is trained to prioritize safety, support, and foster community.

Individualized Supported Living (ISL)

Provided in the individual’s home, the participants learn functional skills like cooking, paying bills, and community involvement, allowing them to learn real-life skills in the comfort of their own space. This program is very flexible, which promotes independence and assists individuals in becoming active members of their community.

Host Home Program

Our Host Home program is ideal for people with an intellectual or developmental disability seeking a true family and home setting. This is a 24/7 residential service with the goal for the person to be a lifelong member of the family. This allows them to pursue their goals and dreams while benefiting from a nurturing and supportive family environment.

The host parent or host family provides support such as daily care, independent skills training, health support, medication administration, and financial oversight. We take great care to match individuals with families so that both parties may benefit.

Supported Co-Housing and Group Homes

Residents in this setting receive supervised care and skills training to improve daily living skills, home management, and community integration. Individuals and their housemates participate and learn new skills in all areas of daily living in a family-type atmosphere. This 24-hour-per-day setting promotes good health and personal growth.