A woman pushing a person in a wheelchair on a walk outside

Community Skills Development for Disabled Adults

Community Skills Development increases connections with the community. Using a variety of methods, we work with those who have cognitive or communication difficulties to introduce and integrate them into their surrounding community. This allows them to utilize and enjoy public facilities and events.

Community Skills Development Services

Community and public events are made for everyone. Through two programs, we help individuals develop the skills they need to overcome communication and social skill limitations so they are free to enjoy the events that interest them.

Community Integration

We support connection and engagement in the community by assisting in developing skills, adding resources, and fostering relationships that will increase an individual’s involvement in the community. This is a flexible service, offered based on the days and times that work best for individual schedules.

Individual Skills Development (ISD)

Through personalized support and teaching methods, our staff helps individuals learn and maintain the skills necessary to maximize personal independence. We will focus on the areas which may be limiting, and then work to strengthen these areas.