James Bryant Hosts Spofest

The Center for Human Services pushes through barriers in daily living and assists individuals with disabilities so they can live Life Without Limitations! James utilizes his Community Skills Trainer (CST) staff to support him in accessing his community. He is legally blind and navigates his community with his white cane and support from his CST provider. He meets with Scharla, a CST staff who assists weekly, taking care of his personal shopping and medical needs. James states, “Without Scharla’s support, I don’t know how I would get things done.” He has a great sense of humor, wit, vocabulary, and insight.

James is an avid computer user, using a voice text program that allows him to scan through the internet at a speed that many cannot do. This website is the hub of his Spoken Word operations he broadcasts every first and third Tuesday evening of each month from the comfort of his living room. He reaches past his disability and his Midwest location, connecting with people all over the United States. James states, “Spoken Word gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to meet new people.”

He operates a website that is labeled OIC Studios. He is the host of all Spo Fest events monthly and usually has a featured co-host. His monthly broadcasts and in-person events have occurred in Sedalia and the surrounding communities for the last ten years. Many relied on remote connections during the pandemic, and because of this, he gained a larger audience. On the June 1st edition of his show, he will celebrate having the 100th reader since April of 2020, and will be doing a giveaway to a lucky listener. He says to check out his website at oicstudios.com/spofest-online to view upcoming and past recorded sessions.

James is modest when speaking about his events but shared that he has readers from multiple states, and state laureates. James’ dream is to have a national audience one day and possible syndication. James plans to have a live show again in September 2021 and take a lot of preparation and partnerships with the venues. His fall event is scheduled to occur at the No. 5 Bistro & Bar in Sedalia.

James’ story goes to show how providing personalized supports can effectively change and enhance lives. It also shows how personal devotion and drive helps remove barriers, leading to limitless living. The Center for Human Services looks forward to being a part of James’ continued growth, helping him to overcome barriers and continue to live a meaningful and limitless life!