Good Times & Making Memories

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 we have all discovered the heroes out there that are risking their own health to keep us going; the nurses, doctors, food workers, truck drivers, manufacturers, and front-line staff.

One of the goals of the Center for Human Services (CHS) front-line direct care staff is to get the people they support in the community to take care of the things that anyone else would do.  However, with COVID-19, the game plan has needed to change, and those staff are now greatly tasked with keeping everyone at home and safe.  This can be a difficult challenge for some, but the CHS direct care staff are succeeding in helping the people we support feel safe and engaged.

The staff and individuals at the Community Living (CL) Walnut Street Group Home have been enjoying the spring weather, learning cooking skills, playing games and doing makeovers.  At the Missouri Street Group Home meals have become even more of a team effort with everyone pitching in. Chris and Dylan worked together to make homemade pepperoni pizza for everyone to enjoy in the house.  With summer just getting ready to start the men at 5th Street Group Home have been enjoying their new grill that JohnBoy worked with staff to put together. Since birthdays don’t go away during a pandemic, Brown Street Group Home wished Brian and David a happy birthday while staying inside! The photos say it all.

The individuals in our programs really enjoy each other’s company even more so during these challenging times. Keeping everyone safe and happy are key and the CHS staff have stepped up to the challenge, keeping those that need their support at home, safe, and entertained until this virus is under control.  Their help is crucial in making sure our community recovers strong.