Eager Help Arrives During Covid Crisis

Last summer, during the spike of COVID cases in Sedalia, many local employers were looking for dedicated employees as there was a need for essential workers. Johnboy had been working with CHS Employment Services at a local business when he was laid-off due to COVID.  Despite the layoff, Johnboy was eager to figure out how to help during the COVID crisis. When Johnboy saw that Woods on Broadway needed a stocker, he jumped at the chance to re-enter the workforce and help his community.

Johnboy flourished at Woods and found himself looking forward to going to work and helping where he could. Kyleigh Hardin, Johnboy’s Employment Consultant, stated, “I have really seen Johnboy take pride in his job. Johnboy has never been this confident in his abilities, and it shows.”

Just last week, when doing some personal shopping, Kyleigh was asked by the cashier if she worked at CHS Employment Services and if she knew Johnboy. The cashier raved about great Johnboy is and the “wonderful” job he does.  She went on to say, “Johnboy is always polite, respectful, and he always brightens my day.  We are very lucky to have such a sweet guy that gets the job done.”  Great job Johnboy! Keep up the amazing work!