Don Caswell

Don Caswell was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at a very early age.  Always known as an intelligent & fun-loving young man, Don graduated Cole Camp High School in the late 1980’s, and was referred to the Sheltered Workshop at the Center for Human Services in 1989, where he began working on June 4, 1990.  He worked in the general workshop for over twenty years until CHS opened our Bloomin’ Gardens Greenhouse in 2012.  It was while working at the Greenhouse that Don decided he wanted to try something new.

Don was then given the opportunity to work at the CHS Recycling Center from September 2014 until it closed in 2016.  Having experienced both the Greenhouse and Recycling Center, Don knew he was ready to get a job in the community.  With the help of CHS Employment Services & Vocational Rehabilitation, Don was hired by two Sedalia employers.

Don accepted the position of janitor for the West Central Independent Living Services (WILS) in August 2017, and was thrilled to be hired at Mazzio’s in Sedalia.  At Mazzio’s, Don helps in the kitchen, preps the salad bar, and proudly manages the dishwashing duties.

Mazzio’s store manager, Liam Gerlt, shared with us, “Having Don here just brightens up the place. Not only does he do a terrific job at whatever task he is assigned, he just brings a smile to our faces.  We are so glad he’s here.”

Don Caswell has not only brought smiles to Mazzio’s, he has set an extraordinary example for the individuals we serve, and has taught each of us how hard work and determination will pay off.  Our CHS staff is proud to call Don our friend, and we look forward to seeing all of the great things he does in the future.