Andy Reaches Goals

Meet Andy Creed of Mexico, MO who receives Center for Human Services (CHS) Service Coordination Services. Andy attends the Developmental Training Center Day Program and utilizes transportation services. Andy’s mother, Sue stated, “His Service Coordinator, Mallory always makes sure Andy is doing well with his goals at his Day Program and while working with his one-on-one staff. She also makes sure that his goals are easy to accomplish based on where he is academically and gradually changes his goals to make him one step closer to success.”

Andy has made a huge improvement with his goals, especially learning to be more verbal. Andy now verbalizes at least six words when answering a question, when before he would always just say “yeah.” For Andy to continue making progress in independent living skills and communication skills, he is going to continue working on these goals one-on-one with his staff, and at the Day Program.

Over the years Mallory has also continued to make sure his needs and requests were heard and has helped in as many ways as she could. Andy’s family requested a walk-in tub because it would be easier for Andy to get in and out of. His current tub was a claw foot tub and it was a safety issue. The request was then brought up to Mallory to see if it would be possible. Mallory worked on this project for months and was finally able to get it approved through his waiver. Both Sue and Andy were so excited once the walk-in tub was installed. Thanks to the support from CHS, he now has a functional tub that is no longer a safety risk. Sue stated, “God bless Mallory for her hard work in making what seemed impossible, possible.”

If you, or someone you know, has a developmental disability, and you would like to learn more about what the Center for Human Services can do for you, contact 660.826.4400.