Center for Human Services
Center for Human Services

Southern MO Service Coordination

Our Southern MO Service Coordination team works with individuals with disabilities, and their families, to coordinate & connect them to the services and supports they need.  We take pride in the trust and relationships we have with those we serve, as well as the agencies with which we work.

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Jul 5
Jul 5

Sunday 7/10

50th Anniversary Golf Tournament & Auction
50th Anniversary Golf Tournament & Auction

Join us for the 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament & Auction Friday– Practice Round – Contact Pro Shop for tee times Saturday – All Teams - Best Ball Sunday - Championship & A: Best Ball B, C, D flights: Bramble WEEKEND EVENTS Friday- Golf practice round, Horse Race, BBQ & Entertainment & Auction Kick Off Saturday- Two Person Tournament, Auction, Saturday Night Dinner of Champions, Putting Contest Sunday- Championship flights, Trophy Presentation

Southern MO Service Coordinators

If you need to contact your Service Coordinator, you may email from the list below or call our office and ask for the corresponding extension. If you are not sure who you need to talk to, fill out the contact form below.
Name Title Supervisor Name Email ext
Anderson, Michelle Program Supervisor - South Team Linda Holland 815
Barkley, Tari Service Coordinator - Dallas/Hickory Michelle Anderson 754
Counts, Deanna Service Coordinator - Polk Michelle Anderson 812
Hagness, Lisa Service Coordinator - Polk Michelle Anderson 822
Hope, Debra Service Coordinator - Benton Michelle Anderson 756
Parker, Catherine Administrative Assistant - Benton Michelle Anderson 757
Sabala, Anastasia Service Coordinator - Polk Michelle Anderson 818
Schliefert, Jennifer Funding and Intake Coordinator - South Team Michelle Anderson 758
Senecal, Kristen Administrative Assistant - Polk Michelle Anderson 810
Wade, Shawn Service Coordinator III - South Michelle Anderson 813
Mann, Corina Service Coordinator-Dallas/Hickory Michelle Anderson 823
Hall, Sandra Service Coordinator-Polk Michelle Anderson shall@chs-mo.rg 820
Roberts, Tracey Service Coordinator- Benton/Hickory Michelle Anderson 755
Abmeyer, Christine Service Coordinator- Polk Michelle Anderson 817
Carter, Marissa Custodian- Polk Michelle Anderson
Nanneman, Noah Custodian- Benton Michelle Anderson