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Community Living

Community Living Department

Who We Are:

The Community Living Department provides support and training for people with disabilities in their community in a manner which values their choices, encourages independence and promotes inclusion.

Our Services:

The Community Living Department provides a wide array of services including Host Home services, Individualized Supported Living, Group Homes, and Affordable Housing.

Host homes

Host Home services offer an alternative residential support option for persons with an intellectual or developmental disability seeking a true family and a home. This a 24/7 residential service for adults who qualify for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services through the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and children through a joint agreement of DMH and the Children’s Division of MO Dept of Social Services. The residential supports are provided by a person or family, often known as a Host Parent or Host Family, in their home after a very careful matching process with the adult or child with a disability.

The Host Family is an independent contractor who provides support such as daily care, independent skills training, health support/medication administration, financial oversight, etc. The intention is for the person to be a lifelong member of your family, pursuing their goals and dreams while benefitting from a nurturing and supportive family environment.

Group Homes

We currently operate six group homes which are located throughout the city of Sedalia. Group homes provide individuals with developmental disabilities and their housemates with 24-hour per day support services in a family-type atmosphere.  Individuals participate and learn new skills in all areas of daily living in an environment which promotes good health, personal growth, and community inclusion

Individualized Supported Living (ISL)

In the ISL residential program, training and support services are tailored to an individual’s identified needs. Available in Pettis and Saline counties, services and training are provided in the individual’s home and in the community, allowing functional skills to develop in real-life settings. The program’s flexibility allows for individuals with even the most severe developmental disabilities to learn new skills and become active members of the community.

Affordable Housing

We offer a variety of safe, affordable housing options for individuals with disabilities through our apartment complexes located in Pettis, Saline and Moniteau counties. These apartments, funded and subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), include income-based rent, which enables individuals to have their own apartment who otherwise could not afford one. Support services are provided as needed. Several of the apartment complexes have live-in managers to assist tenants should problems arise.

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