Rebecca, Christian & Carter’s Journey

Rebecca Davis started out in the Early Head Start Home Visitation program in February 2017, while she was pregnant with her twins, Carter and Christian. She began in a time of hardship; she had just lost her job and was not sure what to do to prepare for the birth of twins! Becca said her visits with the home visitor, Amber, were very helpful for her to gain confidence in becoming a first-time parent. When the boys were old enough to start in childcare, Becca transferred to the Partnership option of Early Head Start to begin receiving assistance with finding quality education for Carter and Christian.

“If it hadn’t been for this program, I don’t know what I would have done. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to pay full price for daycare for two kids!” says Becca. “Plus, I know that my kids are in a safe environment and they’re well taken care of.”

Christian and Carter have also made advancements in their development and continue to learn new things every day while at childcare. Early Head Start supports partnering childcare providers to deliver high-quality early care and education services while offering affordable services to qualifying families needing childcare to continue work or going to school. The Partnership option also offers monthly home visits with families to discuss progress being made on School Readiness Goals, support parents with goals for themselves, and to extend learning into the home with their children’s most important educator – their parents!

Becca said that whenever she can, she tells people about the program and the impact it has made in her life. “I went from not being able to work and not knowing how to be a parent, to an advocate for my kids and someone who can teach them and maintain employment.” One of the most important aspects of her journey is the support and guidance she has received from EHS staff, Amber and Shelby, as well as their “daycare family.

Thanks to a safe school environment and education supports, Becca was able to go to work, interact with clients and gain more knowledge about the field of insurance. With the gained experience and a lot of hard work, Becca is now the proud business owner of a new Allstate branch in downtown Sedalia, completing her personal 5-year goal! Congratulations, Becca!