Phil Graff and Steve Holbert

Kehde’s Barbeque is a Sedalia landmark.  People come for good food, great company, and an atmosphere that is unmatched almost anywhere.  In addition to all of the above, Phil Graff and Steve Holbert call Kehde’s home and for good reason.

With the help of CHS Employment Services, Phil Graff joined the Kehde’s team in March 2018 when he moved to Sedalia from Nebraska.  Phil was very adamant that he wanted to find a job somewhere that felt like he belonged.  “These people treat me nice and they are my friends.  They feed me good here too!” remarked Phil when we checked in with him recently.

When asking Roger Kehde, the restaurant manager, about Phil’s contribution to the restaurant, Roger states that “Phil brings 100% energy all the time and it is contagious.  I wish I could bring the energy he does every day he walks through those doors.”  Co-worker Ismael Linares reiterated stating that Phil “never stops working.  We can’t get him to take a break!”

In addition to Phil, Steve Holbert utilized the services provided by CHS Employment Services, and also joined the team in June of 2018.  Steve had moved into this area from Kansas City and once he started at Kehde’s he also immediately enjoyed the team he had joined.  Steve is the conveyer belt “master” assisting with the dishwasher.  Again, Roger stated that Steve had brought more to the Kehde’s team than clean dishes.  “Steve is always in a good mood and that spreads to our other employees.  Steve cares about people,” remarked Roger.

This is yet another example of how such a beautiful partnership has not only been incredibly beneficial for the individuals working with us at CHS but giving back to those at their place of work, and ultimately, the community at large.

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