Lucy’s Story

Meet two-year-old Lucille Beaman, affectionately referred to as Lucy, after comedy icon and America’s favorite redhead, Lucille Ball.  Though a brunette, Lucy’s sweet lovable personality and contagious smile cannot be mistaken as they are definitely two of her biggest attributes.

The day prior to Lucy’ birth, her parents John and Deborah Beaman, were advised there were concerns related to her development. Following her birth and extensive testing she was diagnosed with rare genetical conditions that are known to significantly impact a child’s health and development. Lucy was referred to Missouri First Steps and began receiving therapeutic services in her home at four months of age.

Julie Keckler, Lucy’s primary therapist, describes Lucy as a precious and determined little girl.  Though there have been many hospitalizations and medical setbacks, Lucy continues to be a fighter.  Currently, Lucy is working to sit independently for longer periods of time and to bear her weight when standing with the support of a pediatric gait trainer which was provided by Missouri First Steps.  Deborah shares, “First Steps has been integral in Lucy’s development and my ability to help her grow and develop to the best of her ability.  I don’t know what I would do without their services, advice and most of all friendship”. Lucy loves the attention she receives from her family and her therapists, often giggling and laughing when excited.  This summer, Lucy especially enjoyed visiting family and spending time in their pool, floating and relaxing with her mother.  As Lucy’s family is dedicated to meeting her needs and following through with therapeutic strategies to meet her goals.