Center for Human Services
Center for Human Services

Our CHS Mission is “Life without Limitations”. That profound statement has provided the base from which all decisions about CHS programs are made. When we ask people what living a life without limitations means to them, we hear phrases like…I want to have a safe place to live, I would like to have enough money to be comfortable, I want to have friends and people around me that I trust, and I would like to feel that I am included in my community.

This year the CHS board of directors has placed a renewed emphasis on our mission. That means that more people will be employed in the community, individuals and family members will have more choices available, and we will see more people becoming active members of their communities.

As you take time to explore our website, I hope that you find the information you are looking for.You will find stories about people with disabilities who have achieved the CHS vision of living “lives without limitations”.

As we move into the future we will continue the legacy of excellent services that was begun in 1955 by visionary community members. People living life without limitations!

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