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EHS Parent Meeting


The Center for Human Services, Early Head Start Program is a firm believer in parent involvement. The more the parent is involved the more it will create an open narrative between staff, families and their children. To promote this ideal, Early Head Start provides several different ways for enrolled families to become involved such as Policy Council, family fun nights, volunteering and parent meetings.

Policy Council is the program’s governance body made up of parents and community members. By being involved in Policy Council, parents develop leadership skills and learn to advocate for their family. Family fun nights, an organized socialization event, promote interconnectedness between families which encourages social involvement in the community. Parent meetings provide a group voice for parents while developing parenting skills and knowledge on different aspects of family and child development. All these experiences support and develop family and community connections while they are in the Early Head Start Program.

For many of these events and meetings Early Head Start will invite community partners to do training in their area of expertise and give families resources. At the most recent parent meeting the Sedalia Fire Department came to present about fire safety. Families who attended were able to learn about the importance of fire safety in the home and certain precautions that they should take to provide a safe environment. After the presentation the children were shown what a fire fighter would look like with all their gear on and they were able to explore the fire truck.

What an exciting experience they had! We want to send a big thank you to the Sedalia Fire Department for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come out and present. Early Head Start and our families greatly appreciate it. For more information on how to get your child started with the Early Head Start program give us a call today at 660-620-0806.