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Shaun’s Changed Life

Shaun Hays is a 39-year-old individual who resides in Slater, MO with his family. Shaun attends the Center for Human Services Saline County Activity Center five days per week. While at CHS, he receives assistance from his 1:1 staff Donna Snider as he participates in crafts, group games, volunteering, and community integration activities. Shaun enjoys volunteering at Big Bend Retreat in Slater every Wednesday, where he socializes with residents, joins in group activities, and helps set up for special events. He also loves to visit local parks, greenhouses, and shops and to participate in music activities, dice games, and card games.

Shaun has received services from CHS since the age of 21. Throughout his time here, Shaun has experienced immense growth in communication skills and building positive relationships. With the help of staff, he has discovered a love for new people, places, and activities. Each day is filled with meaningful experiences.

Because he is non-verbal, Shaun’s methods of communication are unique. When he began receiving CHS services, Shaun had difficulties coping in group settings and expressing his dissatisfaction in a safe manner. He was apprehensive to participate in group activities or visit new places in the community.

With assistance from staff, Shaun has broken communication barriers by learning new and positive ways to express his wants and needs. Shaun became more at ease in new situations having learned to express himself in a calm and safe way. He has since developed many new friendships at the activity center and in his community. These skills have offered him the ability to become a wonderful self-advocate, helping to ensure his opinions are heard.

Shaun’s story goes to show how providing personalized supports can truly change lives. Shaun leads a happy and fulfilled life choosing how he spends each day, learning new skills, and being actively involved in his local community. CHS looks forward to being a part of Shaun’s continued growth, helping him overcome barriers and live a meaningful life. To learn more about the Activity Center and other services offered by the Center for Human Services, call 660-826-4400 or visit us online at




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