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Ethan Humphreys is a very loving and caring young man. Having grown up in a rural community with his parents and an older brother whom he looked up to, Ethan was always a respected, well-behaved student in school with outstanding attendance. Ethan did, however, struggle academically. He had difficulty focusing, paying attention, and retaining information.  In addition to Ethan’s academic struggles, he tended to have difficulty with social skills often misunderstanding social cues and abstract concepts.

At one point, Ethan was diagnosed with ADHD and was given accommodations in school. Learning continued to be a struggle, but he did graduate high school and even went on to enroll in a local community college studying Landscaping and Turfgrass Management. Although he did utilize some support services, Ethan was able to finish his college coursework, but the family decided to do some testing to see how Ethan could be best supported as he entered into the workforce.

Following the successful completion of high school and college, Ethan’s family learned he had a neurocognitive disorder in addition to the ADHD.  At this point, they sought services through Vocational Rehabilitation in Columbia, MO. When that didn’t work out, Ethan moved to Sedalia to be closer to his mom, and began his journey with the Center for Human Services.

Just over a year ago, Ethan began working with the Employment Services team at CHS where he has received job seeking skills, job placement, and support services when seeking employment. He is now working for a terrific employer, Premier Climate Control of Sedalia, where he is receiving on-the-job training, and looking forward to his future. Since he began working for Premier, Ethan is proud to have his own apartment, and has become even more successful at developing relationships with others.

With the help of Voc Rehab, CHS, and an employer who has been willing to take a chance on a person with a disability, Ethan’s life has turned around. His mom, Kathy, shared with us that, “I always knew that, if someone could take Ethan under their wing, be patient with him, and give him a chance to learn in his own way at his own pace, he would become a success. We are very proud of him!”

So are we, Ethan. So are we.

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