2017 Ham Breakfast

A special thanks to the Ham Breakfast organizing committee/sponsors: Ron Ditzfeld, Ken Weymuth, Don Weaver, Ken Norton, Larry Horton, Doug Haley and Ray Haley. They promote the event, sell tickets, serve beverages, greet guests and sponsor the fund raiser.

Another thanks to the Sedalia Country Staff always do an outstanding job preparing the bountiful buffet and serving approximately 400 guests in two hours!

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2017 Turkey Trot Results & Photos

The 2017 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot was the biggest ever.

Click Here to see results for Turkey Trot walkers.

Click Here to see results for Turkey Trot runners.

Click the link below to see drone photos of the Turkey Trot.


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NDEAM Proclamation

Representatives from CHS joined Sedalia Mayor Galliher for the proclamation of National Disability Awareness Month for the month of October. We will be participating in a variety of community presentations over the next few weeks in hopes to educate area employers and employees on the various employment services we offer, as well as the benefits for everyone involved when hiring an individual with a disability. Thanks for your support, Mayor

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2017 Exceptional Rodeo

The 2017 Exceptional Rodeo was held on August 18,
Opening Day of the Missouri State Fair.

er-staff-IMG_3903 CHS staff volunteered to work the 26th annual Exceptional Rodeo

er-IMG_4000MO Rodeo Cowboys Association cowboys and cowgirls assisted with
games during the rodeo. They brought three horses and several rodeo clowns.

er-Iparade-MG_3910The festivities started off with the traditional parade around the arena.

er-IMG_3956There were three Mighty Buck machines and they were a hit.

er-buck machines-IMG_3935
er-IMG_3963Smiling faces from several counties enjoyed the morning. There was a
record number (143) that attended the event, along with the
22 cowboys and cowgirls, volunteers and entertainers.

er-IMG_3918er-IMG_3962er-subway-IMG_3997Subway provided a tasty lunch and the local Pepsi plant donated 12 dozen cases of water.

er-IMG_3971 er-entertainers-IMG_3907 er-IMG_3933

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August 21 Solar Eclipse

eclipse-IMG_4085 Staff and clients enjoyed viewing the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
in front of the Ewing Center.

eclipse-IMG_4108 Everyone at the Ewing Center took time to view the amazing solar eclipse

eclipse-IMG_4097Chanisty Lambert, Cindy Harris and Josh Merrill had a tail gate party!

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