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Faith in the Brand

For many of us our jobs are just that, a job. However, for two individuals working at Zephyr Manufacturing Company in Sedalia, Mo., this is not the case. For these two young men, hard work and loyalty to a company have proved that good things come to those who wait.

JR Welch and Kelly Gonzales are well versed at waiting; both men worked at the Center for Human Services (CHS) doing assembly work, landscaping, lawn work and any other types of jobs that came their way. If you were to ask JR and Kelly in the past they would both have told you they simply wanted to make money, however we quickly found out there was something else they wanted — Kelly and JR both wanted to be a part of their community and employment was a huge piece of that dream. Mark Register, former CHS Business Developer, approached Norm Zink, Zephyr Plant Manager, about learning their current jobs available and what requirements were needed to work at the plant. Zephyr has been a longstanding support in Sedalia and has been manufacturing and selling brooms, brushes, mops and handles aimed at industrial, janitorial and the food service industry for over 90 years..

After several conversations, Mark asked JR and Kelly about possible employment in the community, and specifically about their potential interest in Zephyr. Both men toured the plant, learned about open positions, applied, interviewed and were offered part-time employment starting in September of 2016.

Today it has been almost two years since both JR and Kelly began their employment at Zephyr. Recently, Kelly contacted CHS and told his Employment Services staff that he wanted to pursue full-time employment because he had decided he wanted more opportunities that work

could provide. CHS Business Developer Lance Dorrel contacted Plant Manager. Zink and company president,. R.J. Lindstrom to get their thoughts and to see if the company had any full-time positions. Both Zink and Lindstrom thought it was time for JR and Kelly to begin working full-time.

Today JR and Kelly both work full-time at Zephyr. When asked about Zephyr’s thoughts on these two men, Zink says “Kelly fills a variety of roles. Kelly is our floater. He can do shipping, re-packaging and assembly work.”

JR’s co-worker Debbie states, “JR is a good worker. He never stops and he works well with others.” Zink summed up the two young men stating, “They bring a sense of stability to our work force. They come to work every day and are extremely loyal to the company. They have faith in the brand and want everybody to succeed.”

JR Welch
Kelly Gonzales

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