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Strategic Plan

Each year, our entire staff takes part in our strategic planning process to assist leadership with setting priorities, focusing our energy and resources, & ensuring that our staff is working toward common goals in our ever-changing environment.

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Strategic Plan
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July-2017 - June-2018

Build a knowledgeable group of CHS and Community leaders committed to promoting opportunities for people with disabilities to successfully participate in our communities.

  1. CHS Culture is supportive of innovative learning, leadership, and collaboration
  2. CHS develops depth in leadership through the agency and the community
  3. CHS is a leader in advocating for people served

Continue to build upon our current state and regional reputation as a premier provider of Targeted Case Management

  1. Service Coordinators are highly trained and knowledgeable in best practice standards in the field of Developmental Disabilities, in order to successfully support and advocate for consumers, families and service providers.

Continue to build upon our current state and regional reputation for excellence, and become the premier service delivery system in our regions.

  1. The FCD Department develops depth in leadership throughout the department and the community.
  2. Early Head Start is fully enrolled and high quality is maintained.
  3. The First Steps SPOE grants are implemented and high quality is maintained
  4. The aquatics program is fully utilized and high quality is maintained.

Continue to build our reputation as a nationally accredited, statewide leader in the provision of residential and day habilitation services

  1. Community Living staff are valued, competent and have the support needed in order to be successful in their jobs.
  2. Participants of Community Living programs will have valued roles in our communities.
  3. Community Living programs meet or exceed all accreditation and regulatory requirements.

Continue to build a nationally recognized and accredited innovative regional agency.

  1. CHS is locally and nationally recognized and maintains the highest level of accreditation
  2. CHS policy, procedure, practice, and structure are aligned with the agency mission, vision and values.
  3. CHS staff are recognized as the agency’s most valuable resource
  4. CHS has ample funds to carry out its mission
  5. CHS facilities are attractive, safe, and well maintained
  6. CHS IT infrastructure meets the needs of agency staff

Continue to build capacity to expand our role as a state leader in innovation of employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

  1. Assist all individuals in their pursuit of obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment of their choice.
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