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Our Media Center is designed to assist our staff, stakeholders, community, & media outlets that are in search of appropriate tools to support their interests in The Center for Human Services. Please contact our Communications Coordinator for additional information.

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At CHS, we strive to represent our brand respectively & accurately and ask that all media outlets utilize the appropriate logos & verbiage that we have provided for your within our Media Tools.

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Strategic Plan

Each year, our entire staff takes part in our strategic planning process to assist leadership with setting priorities, focusing our energy and resources, & ensuring that our staff is working toward common goals in our ever-changing environment.

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Strategic Plan
Quick Reference
FY 2020-2023

Objective: Create a stable leadership and workforce who are equipped and prepared to accomplish organizational goals

Actions 1.1.1:   Advocate for rates that compensate for actual costs of services provided and regular increases in staff compensation

Actions 1.1.2:   Create succession plan protocol

Actions 1.1.3:   Evaluate the recruitment and hiring process

Actions 1.1.4:   Diversify the board

Objective: Prepare for Managed Care and purchase of services for long-term services and support

Actions 1.2.1:   Increase understanding around value-based funding

Financial Sustainability

Objective: Increase unrestricted revenue by 30% each year to support organizational sustainability and extend organizational reach

Actions 2.1.1:   Appoint a board development committee to evaluate expansion of the development department

Actions 2.1.2:   Cultivate annual donors

Objective: Decrease Expenses 

Actions 2.2.1:   Analyze program profitability vs mission accomplishment to determine program sustainability



Growing & Enhancing Programs and Services

Objective: Evaluate program expansion/growth opportunities

Actions 3.1.1:   Provide on demand transportation service to support individuals

Actions 3.1.2:   Develop a self-advocacy program for individuals and families

Actions 3.1.3:   Seek opportunities to expand, merge or acquire other services and to expand CHS reach

Actions 3.1.4:   Create an outreach plan for expanded service to add individuals and educate the community

Actions 3.2.1:   Develop a plan for Community Living to implement more community based and individualized services

Actions 3.2.2:   Evaluate options for all Community Living facilities

Actions 3.2.3:   Improve the use of technology to help meet individual needs and be more efficient

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