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Strategic Plan

Each year, our entire staff takes part in our strategic planning process to assist leadership with setting priorities, focusing our energy and resources, & ensuring that our staff is working toward common goals in our ever-changing environment.

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Strategic Plan
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July-2018 - June-2019

CHS leaders and staff are empowered to promote “life without limitations”

Goal: CHS attracts and retains competent, well trained employees, reducing turnover by 5%.

Objective: Develop and strengthen leadership capability by investing in ongoing professional development of leaders and staff.

Objective: Develop and strengthen leadership capability by researching and implementing effective benefits package, management structures and recruitment and retention techniques.



CHS maintains effective and transparent communication with all stakeholders, leading them to be self-advocates.

Goal:CHS will strengthen collaborative advocacy efforts to protect the civil rights of Missourians with I/DD

Objective: Funding rates fully cover the costs of services and allow CHS to pay a competitive wage.

Objective:    National and State policy protect the civil rights of Missourians

Objective: CHS invests in Marketing strategies that give us a competitive edge and effectively engage all stakeholders.



CHS pursues strong and sustainable growth opportunities that support our vision of life without limitations

Goal:Increase program revenue by $1 million through program expansion that supports the needs of individuals with disabilities in undeserved communities.

Objective: Expand existing services in communities that indicate a need.



CHS has an infrastructure that promotes efficiency, effectiveness, that makes us competitive and cutting edge and supports the individuals we serve.

Goal: To increase organizational capacity, and assure consistent, organized and compliant services and supports.

Objective: Review systems, policies and supports organization-wide. 


CHS is an organization with revenue and philanthropic support that advances our position as a leader in the field.

Goal: Maximize funding for major programs and ongoing needs.

Objective:  Explore ways to maintain, and increase available funding by 06-30-19.

Objective:  Increase Philanthropic giving by $100,000 by 06-30-19.


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